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R57017 Rocket FBS Endoscope 23mm OD without obturator - includes Rocket Amnilume

R57017 Rocket FBS Endoscope 23mm OD without obturator, supplied with Rocket Amnilume

Carton: 10 units.


Artikelposition: R57017

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Rocket Medical is unique in producing a range of THREE Amnioscopes/Endoscopes to meet the widest range of patient needs. All designed to be used with the revolutionary Amnilume™ light source to provide clear, un-obstructed, brightly lit access when time is precious.

THREE SIZES to meet widest range of patient needs

  • Standard: 142mm long x 33mm distal OD with obturator
  • Early: 200mm long x 23mm distal OD without obturator, includes Amnilume™
  • Plus: 200mm long x 33mm distal OD with obturator

COMPATIBLE with Rocket Amnilume™ disposable Light Source

CONVENIENT and COST EFFECTIVE: Packed sterile, for single patent use in cartons of 10 units, means that you can easily accommodate your patient’s individual needs without storing bulky and costly stock when space and budgets are limited. 



Order code R57017
sterile Ja
sharps_safe Ja
Compatible Blood Gas Analysers N/A
Type type N/A
capillary_type Nein
Capillary tube volume Nein
hep_concentration Nein
latex_free Ja
Units per carton 10
GTIN 05055270913562
nhs_sc_code N/A
CH2_code 1969194
usl 857017
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
video Nein