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R57026 Rocket FBS Fetal Blood Sampling Kit with 5 x 100ul heparinised capillary tubes

R57026: Rocket FBS Fetal Blood Sampling Kit with 5 x 100ul heparinised capillary tubes  

Compatible: 100μl:
SIEMENS® (Bayer) Rapidlab™ Series 


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RELIABLE SAMPLING: In conjunction with the world’s leading manufacturers of blood gas analysers,
Rocket Medical have specifically developed kits compatible with these popular and other systems:

  • Siemens® (Bayer) RapidLab™ Series
  • Radiometer® ABL™ 70, 90, 90 FLEX, 90 FLEX PLUS, 700, 77, 5/500, 800 & 800 FLEX series systems
  • Instrumentation Laboratory® GEM™ 3000, 4000 and 5000 systems
  • ROCHE OMNI, cobas b121, 123, 221 micro volume systems
  • NOVA Biomedical StatStrip Lactate systems

COMPREHENSIVE KITS: each designed to complete up to 5 individual FBS samplings over 30 mins.
Each kit is ready for immediate use to minimise delay when time is precious.

MAXIMUM ILLUMINATION with the minimum fuss, all Rocket® FBS Kits now come with the revolutionary
disposable Rocket Amnilume™ ultra high intensity LED Light Source.

X-RAY DETECTABLE SWABS: To meet NPSA recommendations following publication of NPSA Rapid Response Report NPSA/2010/RRR012: ‘Reducing the risk of retained swabs after vaginal birth and perineal suturing’. all Rocket FBS Kits now contain green, x-ray detectable swabs.

REDUCE RISK AND STRESS caused by incompatible sampling tubes and missing or worn instruments frequently found in reusable trays.

EFFICIENT AND COST EFFECTIVE when compared to reprocessing and replacing worn or lost reusable instruments



Order code R57026
sterile Ja
sharps_safe Nein
Compatible Blood Gas Analysers SIEMENS Rapidlab series
Type type Nein
capillary_type plastic
Capillary tube volume 100μl
hep_concentration Glass+100ul
latex_free Ja
Units per carton 10
GTIN 05055270900302
nhs_sc_code FFY080
CH2_code Nein
usl Nein
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich