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R57040 Rocket Pudendal Block Needle

R57040 Rocket Pudendal & Paracervical Block Needle, 20G x 130mm

Carton: 20 units, sterile, for single, individually packed

Datasheet: pdf

Artikelposition: R57040

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Rocket® Pudendal Needles provide a safe and controllable method for delivering a Pudendal nerve block.

This route typically provides satisfactory perineal anaesthesia for normal delivery, low forceps manipulation and episiotomy.  The advantage of this approach over a major conduction block is the lack of circulatory and respiratory disturbance.  Typically the course and duration of labour are unaffected, even though there may be some impairment of the perineal-diaphragmatic-abdominal reflex

LUER LOCK NEEDLE provides up to  a maximum of 10mm tissue penetration for increased safety

REMOVABLE FINGER RING can be re-sited at Position 1 or left as supplied in Position 2 to give best individual control and comfort during use.



Order code R57040
needle_gauge 20
length_cm 1
echogenic Nein
sharps_safe Ja
latex_free Ja
sterile Ja
Units per carton 20
GTIN 05055270913623
nhs_sc_code FTR016
CH2_code 1968787
usl 857040
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich