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R53905 Rocket Pro-Lux Proctoscope

The Rocket Pro-Lux™ fully disposable proctoscope is a ready to use device equipped with new features to make usage convenient, practical and very cost effective.

Carton: 50 units


Artikelposition: R53905

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

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The Pro-Lux™ Proctoscope is a fully disposable, ready to use, self-illuminated endoscopy system designed with new features to make usage convenient, practical and highly cost effective.

  • READY TO USE: self-contained battery powered light source with high intensity white light LED for maximum illumination.
  • NO EXTERNAL LIGHT SOURCE required for speed, simplicity and cost effective diagnosis and treatment.
  • COMPLETE, supplied with disposable obturator.
  • 20mm INTERNAL DIAMETER for clear, precise vision and easy application of instrumentation. Ideal for Colorectal Out Patient or GP clinic use.
  • SAFETY: The battery is fully removable to permit safe, environmentally responsible disposal.
    Each carton is supplied with a battery storage tray to ensure safe separation of used battery cells in conformance with COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2006/66/EC (as amended) with regards to EU battery disposal regulations.



Order code R53905
length_cm 7
diameter_mm 20
sterile Nein
sharps_safe Ja
latex_free Ja
Units per carton 50
nhs_sc_code N/A
CH2_code 2129941
usl Nein
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich