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R56211 Haemorrhoidal Injection Set - Angled

R56211: Haemorrhoidal Injection Set angled needle, 10ml three finger syringe, drawing up cannula

Carton: 25 units, sterile for single use

Datasheet: pdf

Artikelposition: R56211
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Rocket® Haemorrhoid Injection Sets provide a safe, reliable method of injection of oily Phenol BP or other sclerosing agents as an outpatient treatment for haemorrhoids.

The design features:

  • COMFORTABLE three finger ring grip for ease of injection of viscid Phenol.
  • ANGLED or STRAIGHT luer lock needle for ease security and improved ease of access.
  • WIDE BORE needle with 18G distal tip to provide maximum control during injection.
  • SUPPLIED COMPLETE with filling cannula for ease of use in the busy clinic setting.
  • RELIABLE, practical and competitively priced to ensure best value for your department.Rocket Haemorrhoidal Injection Set straight needle, 10ml three finger syringe, drawing up cannula



Order code R56211
needle_gauge 17
length_cm 10
echogenic Nein
sharps_safe Nein
latex_free Ja
sterile Ja
Units per carton 25
nhs_sc_code FTK011
CH2_code 1968694
usl 856211
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich