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R57008-00-FM Rocket Copeland Fetal Scalp Electrode - Philips type


Artikelposition: R57008-00-FM

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Rocket Copeland Fetal Scalp Electrode with Quik Connectors:

  • Safe, quick and easy to apply without the need for applicators.
  • Ribbed finger grip for easier placement.
  • Can be applied with as little as 1.5cm cervical dilation for earlier monitoring.
  • Three point contact for excellent trace quality.
  • Automatic control of depth of penetration of needle for low scalp trauma.
  • Cannot detach accidentally when correctly applied.
  • Now also available with push connectors to fit the latest fetal monitoring systems.
  • Easy to reposition and remove. 



Order code R57008-00-FM
sterile Ja
sharps_safe Ja
latex_free Ja
Units per carton 25
nhs_sc_code FDK557
CH2_code 1968718
usl 857008-00-FM
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich