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R57065 Rocket Amniotomy Hook - Angled

R57065 Rocket Amniotomy Hook - Angled

Carton: 100 units, sterile, for single use

Datasheet: pdf

Artikelposition: R57065



Rocket®Amniotomy Hooks

Rocket Medical plc have a long and enviable reputation for reliability and innovation in the Labour Ward and our acquisition of the Surgicraft range complements our existing fetal and labour ward products. As a result, we can now offer two versions to meet your individual needs

Both Rocket® Amniotomy Hooks feature:

  • ROUNDED DISTAL END to prevent damage during insertion
  • GUARDED HOOK: located at a controlled depth to permit perforation of the membranes without trauma to the surrounding tissue. (See image detail)
  • STRAIGHT: SURGI-HOOK™ with contoured handle to indicate angle of perforating point, Hook faces away from direction of insertion to protect against accidental tear.
  • CURVED: anatomically shaped to ensure a positive grip in the users hand and to follow the normal curved pelvic outlet. for precise finger location and positioning.



Order code R57065
sterile Ja
sharps_safe Nein
capillary_type Nein
Capillary tube volume Nein
Heparin Concentration in IU/ml Nein
latex_free Ja
Units per carton 100
nhs_sc_code FFY058
CH2_code Nein
usl Nein
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
video Nein