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R54500 Rocket Blue Single Bottle System

Rocket Blue Bottle - a Single Bottle drain with tube set provide the UK’s best selling chest drainage system.

Cartons: 10 units

Datasheet: :


Artikelposition: R54500

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

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The system features:

  • UNDERWATER SEAL CHEST DRAINAGE BOTTLE: for either single collection (R54500) or double collection (R54509)
  • UPRIGHT, INHERENTLY STABLE DESIGN: which does not require tiresome stands or carriers
  • 1800ml CAPACITY: available in two graduations 25ml: R54500 or 5ml: R54509
  • AVAILABLE WITH A WIDE RANGE OF TUBING SETS: including, single cone connector for connection to large bore catheters: (R54502)
    and also for use with Rocket® Seldinger Chest Drainage Sets: (R54539).



Order code R54500
volume 1800
sterile Ja
latex_free Ja
Units per carton 10
nhs_sc_code FSW076
CH2_code 1968518
usl 854500A
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich