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R55990-ISO-6 Spinal Manometer with NRFit® Connectors

R55990-ISO-6 Spinal Manometers Set with NRFit® Connectors

Rocket Medical Spinal Manometers have been providing safe, reliable and cost-effective CSF pressure measurement for over 30 years.

The unique ‘stackable’ design, original to Rocket Medical, has become a standard neurological diagnostic tool and can be found in Emergency Departments, Neurological, Medical Wards and specialist Neurosurgery centres throughout the world.

This original Rocket Medical design is now available with ISO80369-6 compliant NRFit® connectors.

Spinal Manometer Set with NRFit® connectors, including 3-way stopcock. Sterile, for single use. Pouch packed.

Carton: 1 x Spinal Manometer Set with NRFit® connectors including 3-way stopcock, sterile, for single use, packed in cartons 10 sets.


NRFit® is a trademark of GEDSA and used with permission.

Artikelposition: R55990-ISO-6



  • ROCKET MEDICAL SPINAL MANOMETERS with NRFit® connectors throughout the intrathecal fluid path to ensure connection to NRFit®  spinal needles and syringes.

  • STACKABLE ASSEMBLY: NRFit® Male/female luer fittings of each tube permit additional sections to be stacked to allow pressures >40cmH2O to be measured when required.

  • CLEAR, STURDY PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION for reliable, secure assembly and ease of use.

  • SUPPLIED COMPLETE with 3-way stopcock for attachment to all NRFit® spinal needles and syringes.

  • READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE for when time is precious.

 NRFit®  is a trademark of GEDSA and used with permission 




Order code R55990-ISO-6
sterile Ja
sharps_safe Ja
capillary_type Nein
Capillary tube volume Nein
Heparin Concentration in IU/ml Nein
latex_free Ja
Units per carton 10
nhs_sc_code GBR000
CH2_code 2561469
usl N/A
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
video Nein